Clean Formulas

We achieved luxury perfume formulas clean from paraben, phathalates, lilial, cyclopentasiloxane, cyclotetrasiloxane, alcohol, sun sensitive perfume raw material. We certify the formulas haven’t been tested on animals.

phtalate free perfume - eco conscious perfume
paraben free perfume
alcohol free perfume - Made By Me

Eco-friendly packaging

At MadeByMe we are committed to recyclable or reusable packaging 100% plastic free contributing to plastic pollution decrease. We will always improve to reach a zero impact pleasure. Here are the details of how far we have been able to go until now.

  • Packaging 100% recyclable – Iron, paper, bioplastic varnish protection
  • Packaging 100% reusable – Mirror, magnets
  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Paper

Our path to 100% good

We made all that was possible at the moment. We made it as clean as we could and as recyclable as we could. And we will improve with time and with solutions adapted to our size and quality standards. Yet, all our partners are as committed as we are. So together we can only progress.

Our products are certified ISO 22716 (Best manufacturing practices of cosmetic products).