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MadeByMe palettes are a set of 5 or 2 perfumes encapsulated in a new formula the compact cream perfume formula. These equivalent to Eau de Parfum fragrances are compact cream textures to master their application as much as enjoying their sensual touch. They are colored to enrich the perfume perception but also to facilitate the learning and sharing of the combinations. They can be used alone or in combination though the goal is to combine. When you associate them, you modulate your perfume like when you play DJ with music. Using your fingers and following our recipes you apply a dose of each perfume as advised and the superposition of layers of perfumes will create a different perfume. Tutorials and recipes are available so that you are guided in this experience, you are never alone!

As a result, you create your own signature and this signature you can replicate infinitely because it is like creating your Make up look and adopt it for a while! But you can also change and modulate your perfume glow during the day or any day you please as you do with your wardrobe to associate your scent to your mood or your lifestyle occasion. All these fragrances have been imagined and created by perfumers and our fragrance developer in order to give you a fantastic result. You cannot fail combining these fragrances. Now get started we invite you to follow our recipes and create your own once you feel more adventurous with this new gesture. Share all your news on our social media!

MadeByMe has created perfumes which for the first time are under a compact cream texture never used nor seen before. The texture is sensual and non-greasy, not sticky. It enabled us to reach two results: a heavy concentration of fragrance extract to reach the level of Eau de Parfum and the possibility to color the texture without leaving color on your skin when applied, like by magic.

MadeByMe perfumes have been created eco-consciously and are phthalates, paraben and lilial free. They are all “real” perfumes, complex compositions but they can be combined. The Nude theme is a set of 5 perfumes all expressing the beauty of the smell of the skin as fresh, innocent, comforting, exhilarating as sensual. Combined they will enhance your own scent and procure you a way to be closer to the world, to connect to others or escape from it like under a shield, inside a bubble.

MadeByMe has created perfumes under a solid form and claims it belongs to this solid cosmetic and beauty trend. Though what is usually called solid perfume is a formula made with waxes or butters, opaque, with no color other than the color of the raw materials which can have a greasy or sticky feeling. We have proudly worked on the revolution of solid perfume, the compact cream perfume, achieving ultimate sensoriality, exquisite long-lasting fragrance rendition and twisting it all with the magic of color, a true ode to the senses. A unique caress, an incredible softness and a never experienced before perfume glow, define the compact cream perfume.


MadeByMe is more than simply a name, it is a claim you will make. It is a sincere attempt to provide the best of perfume artistry and empower you with it so that you enjoy a unique perfume glow. MadeByMe is about feelings at the core of the products, messages sent to the world and giving back the power to imagination, your imagination. Created by the most talented perfumers Caroline Dumur, Fanny Bal and Domitille Bertier, manufactured by the experts of the luxury business, the quality and complexity of the products are irreproachable.

On top of it, to make sure that quality means responsibility we have used FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper to package our products to reduce almost to zero the use of plastic: even the varnish protecting the paper is bioplastic varnish. We have an easy to recycle by bits product and apart from the mirror and the magnets, a 100% recyclable item. The non-recycling parts can be reused. We are working on lowering even this impact and creating a chain of industrial reuse for the non-recycling parts. We have avoided the two silicones that are very questionable in terms of ecology (cyclopentasiloxane and cyclotetrasiloxane), all our formulas are alcohol free, dermatologically tested, sun desensitized, phtalates free, paraben free, lilial free and work with cruelty free partners. Our commitment is clear, a quest to zero impact except your pleasure and all the good you will experiment with these perfumes, and this journey of designing your own scent. We will all together live in the minds of everyone who experiences them.

This is luxury, conscious luxury, empowering luxury, new luxury. As far as design is concerned, at MadebyMe luxury packaging design is a contemporary language linking time and cultures through the superposition of layers of different graphic expressions. We made the choice of baroque vs minimalist. For Nude palette, we chose to associate the  strength of an abstract painting, powerful slashes of pink and green combined with an overlay of an ancient Chinese motif to create a sensual lace impression, and time traveler from antique to art deco pattern of scales underlined with gold. We added a today’s interpretation of Renaissance Botticelli Venus and a 20th century shining star inspired by artist Keith Haring’s work both framed by the golden letters of the name. Inside the case, champagne gold and champagne mirror highlight colors and the perfume glow.

We have created recipes, tutorials and we can be reached and answer all your questions. Together we form a circle of perfume and Circle is life. Go to each product page to discover the recipes, ask for samples and explore recipes of the sample page as well.

The reasons why a fragrance stays on are because of its concentration and because of its structure. A fragrance made of light molecules will stay on less than a fragrance made of heavy molecules. MadeByMe fragrances are Eau de Parfum so they will stay on as long as an alcoholic Eau de Parfum. Some of the Nude palette fragrances are lighter than others but each combination will be long-lasting.


We believe the palette of 5 perfumes is equivalent to a 75ml Eau de Parfum in alcohol. So it will last the same. If you use it every day and enjoy multiple combination, we calculate at least a 6 months usage.

The duo can be used as fragrance refresher booster in the bag or as a main product. It can last at least 3months and more depending of its usage.


All the fragrance extracts have been compounded in Grasse the heart of perfume in France in a manufacture where all is made by hand, a unique craft kept alive.

Our textures and final product are made in Italy the other country of luxury craftsmanship in Europe.


It is recommended to stop using the product 18 months after opening. The product does not contain water nor alcohol. It won’t freeze nor exude. We recommend the product is kept at “normal temperature” under 25°Celcius ideally and above 10°Celcius. We do not recommend to put it in the fridge.


The perfume compact creams are for external usage only and contact with eyes and lips must be avoided.


We have applied for certification as our partners are cruelty free labelled.


We are eco-conscious. We developed products based on FSC paper coming from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) to reduce almost to zero the use of plastic: even the varnish protecting the paper is bioplastic varnish. We have an easy to recycle by bits product and apart from the mirror and the magnets a 100% recyclable item. The non-recycling parts can be reused.

We are working on lowering even this impact and creating a chain of industrial reuse for the non-recycling parts. We have avoided the two silicones that are very questionable in terms of ecology (cyclopentasiloxane and cyclotetrasiloxane), all our formulas are alcohol free, dermatologically tested, Sun desensitized, Phtalates free, Paraben free, Lilial free and we work with cruelty free partners.

5 new perfumes under the shining theme of GLAMOUR are on their way. We are also brewing a special case refillable and luxurious for you to create your own palette by choosing each of your 5 perfumes … keep with us!


If you’re interested in our product but wonder if you would like the fragrances, you can order a sample. If you like it and decide to order our product, the price of the sample will be deduced from the amount of your order, so basically your test will be free for you.

Each product ordered is also delivered with a related sample. You can try the perfumes thanks to the sample, and return the product if you don’t like any of the fragrances sampled. See our Return policy for more information.

Each product ordered is delivered with a related sample. Before opening the palette, use the samples. If you’re really not satisfied with the perfumes samples, you can send us back the product within 14 days following the day of the product delivery, for free. Important: the product packaging must be unopened and undamaged.  Please contact our customer center, to get a free shipping label issued. Once your return has been verified and accepted, we will send you quickly a refund (usually within 2 weeks) corresponding to the amount of your order.

After the 14 days period, we don’t accept any return request.

Please use our contact form or send us directly a mail at Please provide your order information, description of the problem and a picture of the damaged product. We will process your request, and once verified and accepted, issue for you a free return label so that you can ship the damaged product to us, and we will quickly send you your order again.  

Note that we don’t accept exchange request after 14 days following the delivery of the order.

Please use the contact page here to inform us about your wish to cancel order and please provide your order information. We can’t promise we can stop the process (especially if the product has been already shipped) but we will do our best.

We made the choice to have a direct contact with our customers and community and therefore we’re 100% online. But this might change ?


See the dedicated page about shipment.

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