• MadebyMe is a team of experts in perfume, color artistry, cosmetics and skincare, devoted to fragrance mysteries and history and eager to share its magic.
  • We believe in empowerment. We know expertise can be passed on, and this is what we are committed to do: open the magic doors of fragrance to each one
  • MadebyMe is about making perfume personal, intimate, connected to one’s inner self.
  • MadebyMe is about making sure anyone can blend their perfume on demand, as they wish, according to their mood, occasion, season.
  • MadebyMe is about new luxury codes, honouring quality, innovation, attention to all details, elaborated eco-consciously.
  • MadebyMe participates in contemporary language linking times and cultures and redefining luxury packaging design.
  • MadebyMe is about freedom and high appreciation of personal craftsmanship – we put all our energy to empower you to bring to life your emotions and your feelings, enabling you to become your own master of perfume blending. We cherish freedom – the freedom to express, freedom to take time, freedom to play, freedom to be.
  • At MadebyMe we believe perfume is not an accessory but a message. Perfume can be a shield, a door to escape, a stage … It must always be an ally. As a representation of yourself, it has many dimensions, and now it is you who will modulate them, master them, play them.
  • At MadebyMe we believe that respecting freedom, individuality, harmony, sensuality, means respecting our environment and for that we created conscious perfumes so that we are true to what we stand for. As Humans we are one, and we are one with Earth. As Humans we are born to create and explore. We have to use our knowledge to do so without destroying our home and the others living creature’s home, to find new ways and commit to always improve and be better at preserving nature.