Artists Of Perfumery At The Heart

MadeByMe is about playing its part in the Art of Perfume. As such MadeByMe collaborates with IFF and their Perfumers who master all the perfume ingredients palette (synthetics and naturals) and all the fragrance structures to deliver memorable and dear experiences. Together we made sure the fragrance gives an aura and stays long on your skin, on your clothes. We made the impossible possible and our compact cream perfumes contain 11% of perfume extract which is equivalent to Eau de Parfum.

caroline dumur (IFF) fragrance creator for Made By me

Perfumer Caroline Dumur

Created All Over U Musk, Candid Blossom and Musk Crush true to her art of perfume: “I enjoyed overdosing determined raw materials in short and precise formulas bringing clarity, depth, intensity and unforgettableness.”

Domitile Michalon Bertier (IFF) - fragrance creator for Made By Me

Senior Perfumer Domitille Michalon Bertier

Created Blitz Fig true to her mission statement: “I believe in creating perfumes with such a strong identity that they absorb their wearers, keep them in their grip, and show them round the structure, letting them savor every texture, feel every effect, and explore a new sensory realm.”

Perfumer Fanny Bal

Created Orange Fever exploring the addiction of happiness: “I liked creating an alternative to sugar addiction, and releasing that sense of comfort and happiness.”

Perfume Formulas Operated By Hand In Grasse

Very uniquely all our perfume formulas are Made in Grasse (France) at IFF’s perfume factory where each perfume is compounded by hand by operators trained in the spririt of a trade guild, with skills passed on from generation to generation, upholding the utmost respect for the rules of the art.

Each raw material is blended by hand into the final composition according to their chemical properties to ensure a perfect elaboration of the formula. All the raw materials can express their full potential. This process takes time, knowledge and passion. Choosing it contributes to perpetuate a true craftmanship, a Maker one.

Quintessence Formula Made In Italy

MadeByMe combines fragrance artistry with ultimate cosmetic expertise. To house the fragrance, in an innovative new texture that respects the high fragrance level and fragrance rendition, we partnered with laboratories in Italy, leader in the cosmetic industry to create a never before color fragrance compact cream that has magic and dream in it as much as efficiency and respect to our planet. Why is it magic? Because you will visualise perfume for the first time, touch perfume for the first time, hand colour alive with scent, and watch it disappear on your skin like magic clouds, while gifting you with a beautiful perfume glow.