It Starts With a Quest

After a very successful and blessed career in the fragrance and beauty industry, working with the best laboratories, perfumers, make-up artists, artists, designers, teams … I was still frustrated I could not find a way to pass on fragrance expertise, democratise the fragrance knowledge to the point where fragrance can become a true extension of oneself or one’s social life more than a beautiful accessory you relate to but adapt to, not dialogue with.

The urge was always in my head, find a way, find a way… And 3 years ago, I found one way: to bridge make up and perfumes, to use color and texture to make fragrance visible and tameable and playfully combinable. The idea was simple: to make up fragrances! To move away fragrances from invisibility and immateriality. To use color to dose fragrance and create recipes, learn them, share them and adapt them… And from there, to make us in control of the fragrance glow of our day, of the occasion, of the instant. To empower anyone and everyone with its color mood fragrance glow.

Being Part of New Luxury

I also want to live in my epoch. When I was young it was not the case, I always felt I was not born at the right Time, that life looked more exciting in Ancient Greece or Egypt or in the XVIIth century in France … But growing up I realised that present is fantastic and that we can thrive by harvesting all what present Times have to offer new. I always worked in the luxury industry because luxury is about bringing a twist, encapsulating emotions and stories in functions, making functionality secondary even though crafting this functionality the best way, at the highest level of quality. To me and I know to many others, luxury, perfume artistry don’t have to be done the same way as it was before if it does not make sense for our planet, for our lives, or if it does not nourish our beliefs. Though what does not change is that luxury means no concession on quality and selection of the best expertise and ingredients and knowledge to innovate and serve a purpose.

Team, Talents & Magic

I have the chance to have worked with the best people in our craftmanship of beauty and so I called them and with enthusiasm they contributed to the making it happen of the idea. We started 3 women Roberta Elisabeth and Nathalie (me) with a WhatsApp group named witches brewing magic… Together in my kitchen, we elaborated 5 fragrances, all facetted and created by talented female perfumers. Fragrances true to our beliefs, fragrances that make you smile, complex and simple at the same time. We created colors to express ourselves, to express our vision of our first ode, Nude. We associated colors with emotions arisen by the fragrances. We twisted again and again…

Never Seen Before

But above all we created the formula. We wanted it soft but holding together. We did not want anything greasy or sliding and we asked for two magic twists: the first one, a super olfactory rendition of the fragrances and a very high percentage of fragrance extract, reaching Eau de Parfum level. The second was that the colored formula, highly pigmented, would not stay on the skin when applied but would fade away like by magic, revealing a fragrance glow beautifully scented.

And we made it happen… all of it … with great partners. Then the small witches circle opened up to Yann, Vera, Renaud, Pierre, Maite, Dominique, Isade, Anna, Olivier, Mathilde, Olivia, Myriam, Florence, Christophe … and their expertise in digital, packaging, eco-conception, graphism, retail concept and positive energy.  During all these years we discussed a lot, we invented many words and many names, we patented our innovations …

The Craft


And now it is time you come into the circle and make this compact cream perfumes yours… All this time we thought of you, and we created couture fragrances you will proudly name MADE BY ME. Because this Nude Fragrance you will create will be made by you as the many to come.